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We simplify website hosting.  Our managed hosting service provides fast secure hosting for non-technical gurus. It uses High-Speed Amazon SSD (Solid State Drives) which are reliable business servers. Includes website security with 57 layers of protection to keep your sites safe from hackers.


Hosting Includes


- Managed Secure Hosting

- SSL 256 bits Site Security

- Weekly Backups

- Fast SSD Servers

- 1 hr Site Updates Per Month Included, Extra $100/hr



- Solid State Drives (SSD)

Solid State Drives' (SSDs') data transfer speed is up to 20 times faster, and your visitors will immediately experience the difference.

- Fast Loading Time

The special combination of our AMAZON High-Speed SSD Web Server and cache technologies gives you exceptional quality, fast cloud hosting.

- Unique IP Address

Unique IP addresses maximize your Search Engine Optimization by avoiding Google’s red flags.

- Amazon Servers

Our hosting service uses the same fast and reliable servers that are run by a multi-billion dollar company,  Amazon.



- Protection Against Hackers

57 comprehensive tests and preventive measures stop hackers from getting access to your website.

- Weekly Scans

Scans of all of your plugins and themes will be done weekly to monitor the safety of your website.

- Automatically Blocks Known Hackers' IP’s

Our proprietary security software keeps track of all known hackers' IP addresses and automatically blocks them from your website.

- Protect Your Customers and Subscribers

Give your website visitors the peace of mind that when they fill out the information on your website it will stay private.

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